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Real Estate Entity Structuring and Asset Protection w/Clint Coons Esq.

Structuring your real estate investing is more than just using LLCs for asset protection or planning for tax reduction - it also requires understanding that investing is a business. Join Clint Coons, a nationally recognized attorney, and real estate investor as he breaks down the many aspects of investing to ensure your assets are protected, taxes are being minimized but more importantly, you are structuring your affairs properly so you can grow your investing.

Real Estate Metrics Every Investor Should Understand

Are you unsure what terms like "IRR", "Cash-on-Cash", "Simple Rate of Return", "Cap Rate", and "Return on Equity" mean? And why they are important? Join us this month as we go over these and other important metrics every investor should know!

Commercial Investing & Deal Analyses 101

Are you are looking to "level up" your SFR or duplex investment properties? Or are you looking to sidestep the tedious residential income route altogether? This 101 level presentation will cover the basics of investing in multi family and self storage commercial real estate, with a focus on how deals are valued.

Toledo Self-Storage Conversion - Deal Reveal Webinar

Learn more about Coda Management's investment opportunity for 155 S Superior Ave. Toledo, OH.  A self-storage conversion project in upcoming downtown Toledo!

CoStar Multifamily Markets Update [July 2018]

David Kahrn and Boris Fridlib share CoStar data on which US real estate markets are looking the best and where trends are going.  Also get a demo into the CoStar platform with some sample data.

How to Make Big Profits in Self-Storage Conversions

Self Storage is an often overlooked real estate investment "niche" by itself and Self Storage Conversions are a niche within that niche. And, we are proud to be the first bay area meetup to have an in person presentation on this very lucrative investment class!

Best Real Estate Markets and Best Strategies in Today's Economy w/ Kathy Fettke

We were absolutely stoked to announce that this months guest speaker is real estate expert & celebrity Kathy Fettke! Through the Real Wealth Network organization she founded Kathy teaches people how build multi-million dollar real estate portfolios through creative finance and planning.

She also hosts Top 10 real estate podcast "The Real Wealth Show" Kathy is passionate about researching and then sharing the most important information about real estate, market cycles and the economy. Author of the #1 best seller, Retire Rich with Rentals, Kathy is a frequent guest expert on such media as CNN, CNBC, Fox News, NPR and CBS MarketWatch.

How to Setup & Use Your Self-Directed IRA for Real Estate Investing w/ Bill Neville

Self Directed Retirement expert Bill Neville, from The Entrust Group, is explains how you can "liberate" your retirement money from the limited investment options available in traditional IRA's. He will then explain how to use this setup that the big funds do not want you to know about, to self direct your investments. For example by buying Real Estate!

2018 Real Estate Market Outlook! - Emerging Trends in Real Estate w/Neal Bawa

Come and learn where you should invest in 2018 and where you should maybe tap out... This is our most anticipated annual presentation! Like last year, Neal "Mr. Market" Bawa will share with us the 2018 Real Estate Market Trends he and his team are forecasting! Neal he is a great lecturer, known for his well researched and attractively put together presentations. And, his annual detailed "Trends in Real Estate" presentation is arguably the best one his team comes out with.

Real Estate Investors Guide to the new "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act"

Unless you have been living in a cave you will have heard about the new tax law that got passed. Since this law already affects all of us as it is in effect for the current tax year (2018) we decided to have Tim King and Craig Chee give us a the run down on the effects the law will have for real estate investors.

Whether you are a current investor or want to become one, you will not want to miss this...

Real Estate Goal Setting & Multi-Family Syndication Investing w/ Vinney Chopra

It's hard to stay focused - and positive - when trying to expand in a hot market. Deal are hard to find, and its easy to get behind on your goals. This month, we have one of the most positive, happy people you'll ever meet to help us set our goal and get motivated for 2018.

Introduction to Real Estate Syndication w/SEC Attorney, Amy Wan [How-To + Q&A Bonus]

Crowd funding and real estate Syndications are becoming more and more common as a way for a group of investors to team up and take down a large project. Knowing how this stuff works is important regardless if you are interested in at some point leading a large project like that, or just investing in one.

Self-Directed IRA Retirement Account
for Real Estate Investing w/ Bill Neville

If your retirement funds are yours... then why does it often feel like you have very little control over what you can do with them? This month Self Directed  Retirement expert Bill Neville is going to explain how you can "liberate" your retirement money from Wall Street.

Maximizing Profits through Airbnb, Short-Term and Corporate Rentals w/ Al Williamson

Al Williamson speaks to our VIG Meetup Group, 11/30/2017, on how we can optimize profits using short-term rental and corporate housing - the right way! Which properties work for short term- and which do not. And, not unimportant, how can you setup your short term rentals to prevent yourself from becoming a part-time maid?

This and more, watch this presentation now, available exclusively from the Virtual Investors Group!

Self Storage Conversions Investing w/ Scott Krone

In our first official VIG webinar, Scott Krone introduces his unique model of self-storage conversions - taking under-valued commercial and retail space in an urban core then converting that into a class-A storage facility operated by CubeSmart. It's an interesting model and offers incredible profits!

Self Storage Investing w/ Bill Bellomy

Bill Bellomy, Texas Self Storage Broker, presents to the Virtual Investors Group in San Francisco, CA on the power of self storage investing.  From the unique advantages of investing the storage asset class to finding and analyzing deals, managing the facility remotely, and having a profitable exit - this is an excellent overview.

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